Apr 16, 2015


Blogging vision board

On Sunday, I created a motivation slash inspiration slash vision board centered around my blogging life.  I worked on this project because my feelings about blogging have been very mixed and I wanted a degree of clarity. I wanted to take some time to process my thoughts and feelings and really just to remind myself of all of the positive things that come out of it.  

Most days, I blog for the joy of writing and sharing and for the fact that having something to share forces me to be organized in other parts of my life.  This post pretty well sums up all the good things that come out of being a lifestyle blogger.  

But I've found myself skipping posts on a somewhat regular basis lately and even daydreaming about what it would be like to not blog.  I don't really want to stop right now, but it is kind of nice to allow myself the little grass-is-always-greener fantasy about how much time I would have and all I could accomplish if I wasn't doing it.  
Looking a couple years into the future, I can see my blogging life taking a big turn.  Sam will be ready for full time school and I want and need to make that a higher priority than blogging.  I've been thinking about that and what that will look like - possibly blogging only a few days per week or maybe writing more about life as a homeschooling family - and I think that's part of what has thrown me off course in the last several weeks.  Sometimes I get (way) ahead of myself.

And on the other side of this giant "how I feel about my blog" coin, I've been in a good blogging groove.  Maybe I'm not posting every single day, but my posts are coming together much more easily than they have in the past and I am happy with the content that I've been sharing.  I've stopped blogging before and I've always come back to it.  It's my outlet on a thousand fronts and I feel a bit lost when I stop.  Basically, I want to live on this side of the coin.  

So, back to the vision board.  It's purpose is to remind me of the good and to motivate me to take the steps I need to take to keep it in the "plus" column of my life.  Following the same design template I used for the One Little Word vision board that I created in February, I used a magazine page as the background and glued my words on top of the image.  

These are the words that I included: Click. Smile. Share. Repeat.  Fewer excuses.  Step up your work.  Good and good for you.  Home.  Plan this.  Perseverance.  Dig a little deeper.  

One of the things that I really like about using magazines to create vision boards is that it forces me to work outside of my own head and doesn't really allow for much of a plan.  I wouldn't have chosen some of these words, but they seemed to choose me as I thumbed through the pages.  They feel like happy accidents, but I think it's more a case of viewing the words (and the meanings behind them) in light of the ideas that are already in my head. 

Just taking the time to sit down and think about my blog-related dreams and wishes was valuable.  It was time to reconsider why I blog, how I can make the blogging experience better - for both you and me and to remind myself of the payoff that comes at the other end of taking the time to get it done.

For now, my blogging board is sitting on my desk waiting for me to decide what to do with it.  It might find a home in my One Little Word book or it might get the pushpin treatment and hang above my desk for a while - until I get over this hump.     

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