Apr 21, 2013


Blog 7

I will celebrate my 34th birthday this week.  Before that new year kicks off, I wanted  to look back at 33 things that have blessed my 33rd year.

Brian and our third year of marriage.

Being a mama to a one (and now two) year old.

Happy anticipation as we awaited Eli's arrival.

A healthy pregnancy.

Becoming a mama for the second time.

Project life 333 maternity edition

Project 333.

Learning to (really) live on one income.

My "One Little Word" projects - both 2013 and 2014.

Anticipation of becoming a stay at home mama.

Project life week 8 - grace and light

Growing in my scrapbooking skills and becoming better connected with the scrapbooking world at large.

Library Story Time.

My iPhone (and its camera).


A membership to our local children's zoo.

Small things 2

A new yogurt recipe with reliable results.

Blueberries and raspberries.

Project Life.

The Bloglovin' app.

Date nights with Brian.

A new workspace.

Book club.

Maternity leave.

My blog.

Eli's nursery 1

Decorating Eli's room.

Successful breastfeeding.

Watching my boys start their journey into brotherhood.

My sister and sisters-in-law. 

Our nieces. 

Adult-to-adult relationships with our parents. 

Walking 13.1 miles on a Sunday morning.

Sidewalk chalk. 

Deer Springs Winery 2

Evenings at the winery. 

Dreaming up new projects and plans and then working to make them real.

Many thanks to Elise for the post inspiration.

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