Mar 27, 2015


Capsule wardrobe casual

With each seasonal capsule wardrobe, I aim to have just 33 items in my closet.  That number came from here and, although 33 is an arbitrary number, I've found that it works for me.  
For my spring wardrobe, I ended up with 29.  
I have no shopping trips planned, but there are a few specific things that I think would be nice additions.  I would like a new pair of ballet flats, a pair of shorter denim shorts, and perhaps another tank or tshirt.  So, I'm calling this wardrobe complete, but if I find a few more things to buy in the next month or two, I will do so.  
Spring capsule wardrobe - project 333 by grace and lightProject 333 2015 spring capsule wardrobe by grace and light

My final counts look like this:
4 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, 5 tanks, 2 t's, 2 long sleeve t's, 2 long sleeve (but light weight) button ups, 2 sweatshirts, 2 pairs (of identical) jeans, 1 pair of leggings, 2 pairs of athletic shorts, 3 pairs of casual shorts, 1 pair of dressy shorts.
Spring weather in Nebraska is unpredictable.  The ten day forecast includes highs that range from low fifties to high seventies.  Varying weather means that I need a variety of clothing types.  I tried to keep things fairly well balanced between warm weather and cool weather options.  I ended up leaning slightly heavily in favor of warm weather options.  This is my optimistic and warm-weather-loving self shining through.  
The chambray and the buffalo plaid buttoned shirts were the only new purchases for this wardrobe.  Nine pieces are carry-overs from my winter wardrobe and the rest were purchased for previous spring and summer seasons and were pulled from storage.  
I am down to four medium-sized totes of clothing storage.  Two totes are my general "other season" clothing that I am saving for potential use later in the year.  One tote is full of shoes and boots.  The last one has maternity clothes.  Getting rid of the unused clothes gets a bit easier with each go around and paring things down leaves me with just the clothes that I really like and wear fairly often.  It has been a while since I've gone through my extra shoe collection.  For some reason, I have a hard time parting with shoes even if they haven't been worn for a long time.  The maternity box is staying for a hopeful third round of use sometime in the future. 
If you haven't tried a capsule wardrobe, I'm here to tell you that it's great and that I definitely recommend giving it a try.  If my magic 33 number scares you, ignore it.  There is no need to pare down to a certain number.  The big idea is just to keep the items that you love, that can work together and that are appropriate for the season in your closet.   
Having fewer items in my closet makes my mornings easier.  Fewer choices make for easier "what to wear" decision making.  Building my wardrobes seasonally makes it pretty easy to just turn off the part of my brain that would otherwise be looking for a new shirt every time I went to Target.  This is also beneficial to the budget.  And, perhaps the biggest benefit, I really only have to think about my clothing four times a year and can otherwise direct my energy to the rest of life.  I'm all for that.    

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