Mar 3, 2015


One little word voice
My One Little Word for 2015 is Voice.  Each month I am doing a "check-in" to write about the monthly prompt from Ali Edwards' class and about my progress and relationship with my word.  

I started a Lenten devotion series in mid-February and that has been my biggest "accomplishment" related to my word thus far this year.  I haven't kept up with it, but I've been working on it in bits and pieces.  Even the tiny windows of time that I've put into have brought me a sense of peace, hope and joy.  I feel guilty about not doing more and making more time for it, but I am trying to just be happy with the fact that I started.  

The February prompt from the class invited me to create a vision board for my word.  I made mine on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock that slipped right into my page protector.  I used a full page from a magazine as the main background.  The page is pink and has a lot of colorful cookies.  It really doesn't have anything to do with my word, but the happy colors are totally part of my voice, so - it kind of has everything to do with my word.  

On top of the background, I added various words and phrases that I cut out from other magazines.  I didn't use much of a filter for this project.  If it struck me as somehow fitting, I used it.  I also didn't take a lot of time to consider if there were specific words or phrases that I wanted to include.  I have a Pinterest board for my word that would have been an easy source of inspiration, but I didn't look through it at all.  I wanted this to be more of an organic project and I liked the idea of just using what I found without taking too much time to make it "perfect." 

I think that some of the phrases that ended up on my board could easily come together to form a poem.  Hold on and let go.  Experience the difference.  Be yourself.  Come alive.  I feel like these words tell a story of freedom and I like that.  

A new month is here.  While I hope to let my voice shine in all areas of my life, I know that I work best when I narrow my focus.  I have hopes and plans for blog and site improvements this month.  Related to that, I want to just let my voice shine through on every level of my online life.  And, to mix things up a bit and get away from the never-ending internet, I want to give more time to Bible study and working through my Lenten devotional.  

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