Mar 11, 2015


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And just like that, I'm a mama to a three year old and a one year old.  
With two birthdays in the past two weeks, we are solidly into the toddler-preschool age, which is just fine with me.  I am really thankful that the newborn and tiny baby phases are behind us for a while.  I'm sure I would feel differently if I thought Eli was our last baby, but I am hopeful that we will get to experience new parenthood at least one more time.   
For now, I'm focusing on the positive side of no tiny babies in the house.  For one thing, I am better wired for handling toddler challenges than newborn chaos.  I can deal with a mid-store meltdown much better than a two a.m. crying marathon.  Also, sleep is my friend and it has finally started to come my way more consistently.  
Another plus: I can now usually leave the two boys alone in the same room.  This was not the case for most of the last year because Sam would push Eli, sit on him or otherwise make me question Elijah's safety.  It seems that we've largely gotten past that.  Thank goodness.  It feels ridiculously liberating just to be able to go to a different room for a few minutes by myself.  
To add to the sweetness, spring seems to have arrived in Nebraska.  Or, maybe it's just teasing us, but I'll still take it.  Spring means we are no longer stuck inside and that is making my heart feel light.  We've had our fill of the library, Target and "Frozen" this winter.  Spring means wagon rides, sidewalk chalk, playing in the dirt, trips to the park and the zoo.  (Our zoo doesn't open until mid-April, but we will be there just waiting to get in when it does.)  Honestly, just having the windows open and the opportunity to go for walks around the neighborhood feel like small miracles.
One and three are good ages.  Good for fun and exploring.  Good for still getting in some lap time and snuggles.  Good for this mama.  I'm so grateful to be on the other side of sleepless nights and to have a husband that's been alongside me for all of it.  We've successfully brought them this far and I think that is worth celebrating.  

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