Feb 2, 2015


One little word 2015 voice

This non-action word is still throwing me off kilter, a bit.  But, I think it is good for me. It is forcing me to think outside of my usual "get things done" box.  I didn't complete the January prompts until January 20th because I just wasn't sure where to go with my intentions.  After much thought, I came up with some intentions that feel fitting and true and worthy of my attention.  (Can one ask for more than that?  I think not.)

I intend to confidently do the things that are best for me and that fit with my life.  To say this another way, I want to recognize that what works for me and what I enjoy might not be what works for others or what they enjoy.  

I intend to express myself more openly on the blog.  I'm ready to just put it out there.  

I intend to pour more of my voice into our home.  We still haven't decided if we will stay in this house for the next few years or if we will look for a new housing situation.  Either way, I don't want to hold myself back from all house related projects for fear of making it less desirable for a potential future owner.

I intend to share my voice through more / varied creative projects.

I intend to be true to myself in paring down our physical possessions, wearing clothes that make me feel great, taking lots of photos, making time to enjoy and pursue my interests and making our home "pretty."  

I intend to complete a few focused bible studies and / or devotions to help me focus on the voice of God in my life.
One little word 2015 voice january
Voice - one little word 2015 january
Whew!  That's a lot. 

And yet, there aren't a lot of actionable items on that list.  I still want there to be more to "do" related to my word.  I have this desire to write a list and cross things off.  I guess that's what my goal list is for.  

Even though my intentions didn't come easily or quickly, one month into this project, I believe this was the right word for me for 2015.  It has already helped me to make some good choices and to step out of my comfort zone.  I am anxious to see where it takes me as I continue through the year.  

PPS: My totally rad "voice" banner was custom made by the fabulous Kaitlyn of Owl People.  I love it so, so much and it hangs above my desk as a constant reminder of my word.  

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