Feb 19, 2015


Naptime diaries lent series

"Watch Jesus.  Walk beside Him.  Listen to what He says and how He lives.  Wonder at His love and reflect on His grace.   This is our joy, this is our great gift in life - to get to follow Him."  

Part of my focus related to my One Little Word for 2015 is about getting back into Bible study and devotion time, so that God's voice can be a part of my life again.  

My plan was to take some time to search the internet for a devotion series and ask a few friends for their suggestions.  We all know how internet searches go, right?  One link leads to another and eventually you have too many options and it feels impossible to make the "right" choice.  And, my plan for asking some friends had yet to turn into an actual conversation or email inquiry.  

Thankfully, God has a hand in all things and he put a link to a Lent devotion series right in front of me - no need to even take the time to search.  It was right there in my Instagram feed and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it was there for a reason - for me to see.  I needed to do it.  The series is by Naptime Diaries and is a 40 day devotional for the Lent season, culminating at Easter.

I found this a bit too late to purchase the  physical journal, so I am using the digital product and writing my responses to the prompts into a journal that I already had on hand.  My first response came out as a jumble of thoughts that was honest, but messy (both in penmanship and in organization of thought).  I wrote it all out, let my thoughts percolate overnight and went back in the morning to add, edit and rewrite.  I liked that this process gave me a chance to think things over and write things out twice.  It encouraged me to look a bit deeper.  I'm going to keep it up - writing my initial thoughts in the evening and going back to those thoughts again in the morning.  

If you've been looking to get into the Bible a bit deeper (or even if you haven't, but now feel so moved): it's not too late.  Join in.  See where God takes you during this season.   

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