Jan 19, 2015


Winter capsule wardrobe 2015

Capsule wardrobe #4 - here we go.  
I follow Courtney Carver's Project333 Plan, which means that each wardrobe is limited to 33 items with a plan to exclusively wear those items for three months before creating a new 33 piece wardrobe for the next three months.  
In the past, I have only pared down to 33 items once or twice a year.  For 2015, I'm going to try following the plan more diligently.  
Here's what my wardrobe consists of for January through March:
1-12: shirts shown above
13-18 : shoes (boots x 2, tennis shoes x 2, boat shoes, silver flats)
19-24: pants (skinny jeans x 2, boot cut jeans X 2, dress pants, black leggings)
25-28: shirts (grey v-neck t-shirt, navy t-shirt, black sweater, navy long-sleeve burnout)  
29: winter coat
30: zip up hooded sweatshirt (need to purchase)
31-33: yet to be determined
I came up a few items short, but I'm okay with that.  Our clothing budget is tapped out for the month and I'm really not sure what I need to round out this wardrobe.  Over the next few weeks I will try to get a feel for what is "missing" from the list and will probably do some shopping in early February.  If possible, I would love for those items to be transitional pieces that could also fit into the spring wardrobe.  
It is both amusing and amazing to me that I wasn't able to fill this wardrobe with the full 33 pieces.  It seems like I should have 50 plus pieces that I want to include and difficulty paring it down to only 33.  Instead, reaching 30 required some shopping and still left me unsure of what else to add.
While the number 33 is totally arbitrary, I fully appreciate having that number.  Obviously, it is the spirit of the project - having a limited number of clothing that I really like and actually wear in my closet - that I am ultimately interested in.  But, having a set number is very helpful in keeping me in line with that spirit.  Without a given number, I can imagine that I would be spend unnecessary time trying to decide exactly what number of items would constitute a capsule wardrobe.  
PS: If you love the idea of creating a capsule wardrobe, but would like some guidance in getting started, I would love to recommend the Dress With Less Microcourse by Courtney Carver.  
Have you tried a capsule wardrobe?  Do you love it?  Do you miss living with a closet full of clothing choices?


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