Jan 19, 2015


The makings of a favorite photo

A few weeks ago, I noticed a few bloggers sharing their favorite photos of 2014.  It got me thinking about my favorite photos of the year.  I spent half an hour looking through our Project Life albums and pulling out photos that might fit under the "favorite" title.  Then, I forced myself to pare the pile down to five.  

The images above made the cut.  

It's pretty easy to see that subject matter was paramount.  My boys win every time.  

Two of the photos represent big moments.  

The one of Eli and me was taken the day he was baptized - just a couple days after he was born and while we were still at the hospital.  He was so tiny and so snuggly and I was just learning about him.  There is something magical about my memories of my post-partum hospital stays with both of my boys.  They were full of pain and worry, but also the wonder of new life and dreams for the future.  

The photo of Sam and Eli with their binkies is the first photo I caught of both of them looking at the camera.  It is from several months ago and already they've both changed so much, that when I look at the photo I think they look so small and so baby-ish.  The transition to brotherhood was not easy for Sam.  Until the last month or so, I was afraid to leave them together without supervision.  This photo shows one of the rare moments when they were side by side without Eli crying.  

The other three photos are from our everyday life and don't stand out as milestone moments. 

I love them for just that reason.  They show the beauty present in everyday moments.  They show the passing of time and the passing of seasons - seasons that sometimes feel like they will go on forever, but change without me even taking note.  

The photo of Brian, Sam and I in bed, early in the morning could've been taken any morning last summer.  As soon as Sam learned how to open his bedroom door, he started running into our room in the morning and we would snuggle him between us for half an hour or so before getting up.  I am so thankful that I took the initiative to bring out the tripod one morning and hand Sam the remote shutter release.  He had a great time pushing the button and now we have those summer mornings captured for always.  

As they were taken, my favorite photos were just moments captured.  They became favorites because of what they mean to me.  Single frames of life that represent our family.  I think the lesson in this is to just keep taking photos - both on milestone days and every day.  

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