Jan 29, 2015


January - grace and light by brooke petermann
Oh, January.  My favorite month for motivation, smack in the middle of my least favorite season.  It works out well, really.  The motivation that I feel at the beginning of the year helps me to get my bum in gear, just when I want to snuggle under a pile of blankets and not come out until spring.  
This month has found me:
  • enjoying the AWESOME weather. In contradiction to the usual blustery January forecast, these past few weeks have been beautiful.  We've taken lots of little walks around the neighborhood and nearly used up the end of last summer's sidewalk chalk.
  • kicking off my workshop business with my friend Shawna.  We held back-to-back vision board workshops the second weekend of January.  It was fun to finally get down to the actual business part of our business - meeting and learning with other women in our community - after so much prep time, last fall.  We have a lot of irons in the fire for this spring and I'm really excited to see where this adventure takes us.
  • missing nights and weekends at home as a family.  We had a ton of time together over the holidays, but this month has included too many meetings and other obligations that have left Brian and I taking turns as solo parent.
  • playing with the boys and all their newly acquired Christmas loot.  (They made out like bandits on the gift front.)  I've also been enjoying my own Christmas gifts, particularly my Fitbit and my pretty new boots.
  • successfully keeping an editorial calendar for the very first time.  I think I've finally found a nice mixture of "feature" posts and other posts that delve into other areas.  I hope to write more about this later in the year, once I have a few more  
  • enjoying the Your Move podcasts by Andy Stanley.  I just finished the "Staying in Love" series and am looking forward to listening to his "Guradrails" series, next.  

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