Jan 2, 2015


Becky higgins project life with clique kits and studio calico

I document our family because I love capturing what our day-to-day looks like right now and because "normal" changes so organically that it is hard to see it when it happens.  Things are changing quickly.  My baby is almost a toddler and my toddler is pretty much a pre-schooler.  "Now" is a fleeting concept.  

Project life 2014 by grace and light

I document our family because I want to hang onto these moments.  I want to be able to look back.  

Pocket scrapbook using becky higgins and studio calico

I document because we are living a story - our story - and stories should be written down. 

Studio calico project life kit 2014

I document because it is so fun to watch Sam flip through the pages of our family album and point out the things and people that make him happy.  

Project life using instagram square photos

I also document as a form of artistic expression.  I find pleasure in choosing the just-right paper and changing this photo to black-and-white while keeping this one in color.  I enjoy the time that I spend arranging and rearranging the elements of my pages.   

Project life birthday layout
I am so, so thankful for another year of recorded family memories.  Even my least favorite layouts are full of precious milestones and moments.
This post is about my favorite layouts of the year and, for the sake of this post, "favorite" means most aesthetically pleasing.  

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