Dec 24, 2014


This is what I hope to remember about 2014:

Welcoming the new year with energy for new projects and anticipation of all that was to come.  

Anticipating the arrival of Baby Two and the transition from working mama to staying-home mama.  My last few precious months as a mama to Sam and only Sam.  Belly kicks.  And, at the beginning of March, the arrival of our sweet Elijah.

Undiluted awe of our new little guy's existence and trying to comprehend the love and responsibility that came with him.  

Gratitude for our family and the hours of loving care that they gave to us as we adjusted to parenthood with a two year old and a newborn.  

An evening at the winery with Brian.  Celebrating four years of marriage and finding it hard to believe all that has changed and all that has stayed the same in those four short years.  

A summer filled with zoo trips, library story times, picnics and Eli napping in Brian's arms.  Sam's enthusiasm for cows, bridges, the alphabet, elevators, "schwimmin'" and trains.  

Bittersweet goodbyes to my work-home and work-family of the last ten years.  

Vast amounts of time and unknowns ahead of me as a full time mama.  A huge reprieve from daily stress.  Small adventures with the boys.  Seeing the world anew through their eyes.  Appreciating rare quiet hours and even rarer moments of a toy-free living room floor. 

Renewed joy in our evenings together at the end of Brian's basketball season.

Sam's excitement about presents and Santa and Jesus' birthday.  Watching Eli grow so quickly out of his babyhood.  Observing little glimmers of the boys' future relationship with one another.

Early mornings all together.  Playing, reading, laughing.  

- - - - - - 

2014 has been filled with more blessings than we can count, a few giant (and wonderful) milestones and thousands of less memorable moments that all add up to one wonderful year.  

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