Dec 30, 2014


Becky higgins 2015 creative team
Big news!  I am so, so excited to announce that I am on the Becky Higgins Creative Team for 2015!  That's me up there in the left column, second from the top.  I have been keeping this secret for a while and it is awesome to finally be able to share the news.

This is the beginning of an awesome opportunity, but it is not the beginning of my story.  The story/timeline of my relationship with Project Life goes something like this:

Fall/Winter 2011: See these "different" scrapbook layouts using divided page protectors showing up around the internet.  Find myself intrigued.

Winter/Spring 2012: Have my first baby and find lots of time to read blogs and dive deep into Pinterest as I hold him, feed him, pump, etc.  Project Life pops up time and again.  My interest is piqued.

Spring/Summer 2012: Learn that a lot of PLers do weekly layouts.  (Weekly!?!)  Freak out about the committment that would require.  Think, "I can't possibly do that."  

Summer 2012: Observe the growing baby and decide that I want to capture every little bit of him because somehow he is already four months old.  Purchase a 12x12 album and a Big Variety Pack of Photo Pocket Pages.  Anxiously await their arrival.  Start working forward, week by week and love every minute.

Winter 2012: Work backwards to also complete the first six months of the year.  Complete my first Project Life album.  Excitedly make plans for my 2013 album.  Start sharing layouts on my blog.  

Spring 2013: Purchase my first Core Kit - Seafoam.  Fall in love with Project Life all over again because using a Core Kit is way easier than making all the cards myself. 

Summer 2013: Add Midnight and Kraft to my Core Kit arsenal.  

Winter 2013: Become a Studio Calico Project Life Kit subscriber.  

Spring 2014: Set a goal (as part of my One Little Word project) to be on the Becky Higgins or Studio Calico Design Team for 2015.  

Rest of 2014: Finally find my aesthetic groove and have an awesome year of documenting life.  

Fall 2014: Apply for the Creative Team.  Cross my fingers and toes.

Winter 2014: Make plans for 2015.  Learn the (still surreal) news that I am part of the 2015 Creative Team.

Coming soon: Winter/Spring of 2015 in which, you will find me documenting alongside the best of 'em.  

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