Dec 16, 2014


Happy birthday jesus advent
Singing "Happy Birthday" with a candle squarely in the middle of a piece of zucchini bread, reheated pancake or slice of toast.  Clapping.  Blowing out the candle.  More clapping.  

An exclamation of, "One more time!"

All of that - one more time.  

Moving the big magnet to the next number on the Advent calendar.  (Unless the numbers are all in a jumble, which has happened more often than not this last week.)

Reading one or both of our "Happy Birthday Jesus" books.  

My birthday, jesus birthday and the story of christmas board book - advent

Saying a "repeat prayer" where Brian or I say a few words at a time and Sam repeats until we make our way through the prayer.

Checking to see where Topper (our Elf on the Shelf) is hiding.

Discussing the timeline of our holiday schedule of events.  And discussing it again 10 minutes later.  And again 10 minutes later.  

- - - - - - - - - -

This is what Advent looks like at our house.  

It has been both more and less than I anticipated.  It is really fun to see Sam learn about new topics and start to put all the different ideas together.  Repetition is definitely working in our favor.  

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