Nov 3, 2014



November is here and I am giving thanks.  It is going to be a good month.  

My hopes for the month include:
  • completing the majority (if not all) of my Christmas shopping.
  • Christmas cards ready to hit the mailbox.
  • being all but ready for our first Hello Little Clouds workshop.
  • a few more Hello Little Clouds workshops (with different themes) available through our online storefront.
  • non-screaming plane rides with the little people.
  • helping my mama to celebrate her birthday.
  • gaining momentum on my in-progress afghan, that I hoped to have completed by now, but that instead has been gathering dust in the closet.  
  • quality time with my mama and my sister.
  • giving thanks, daily.
I am tempted to add more, but I'm going to stop the list here.

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