Nov 6, 2014



I am thankful for all that I have learned (and continue to learn) as a mama.  

Patience was the first lesson and it may well be the last. 

I was asked to exhibit patience as I waited the long nine months of pregnancy.  Patience is asked of me as I attempt to hurry these little people with plans of their own, as I learn that they are who they are, as I am reminded that their needs come first and my own needs sometimes have to be pushed to the back burner.  I am asked to be patient as the lesson of the sermon (that I so want to focus on) is overshadowed by a certain little person repeatedly exclaiming, "Quack! Quack!"  Patience.  I pray for more of it and for it to come more easily. 

It is one of my ongoing lessons of parenthood.

The lessons of love are plentiful and varied.  

There is a new and different kind of love for Brian to explore as we parent together and as I watch him be a daddy.  I have learned that it is possible to watch someone, endlessly, in pure awe and delight and to celebrate their littlest successes with nothing but love in my heart.  The love my parents hold for me is now understod in a completely way than I ever could have imagined before becoming a parent myself.  Along with love comes sacrifice and the biggest lesson of sacrifice that I've learned since becoming a mama is how readily it is given when I know it is for their good.  I think that's one of the best kinds of love and one of the best lessons of this parenting gig.

There are lessons about my own abilities.

I have learned that I can do so much more than I thought I could. And, a second babe taught me that I can do more than that, too.  Once again, it all goes back to sacrifice and the amazing strength that God gives mamas to give their all for their little ones.

And there are lessons in joy.

I learned a thousand lessons in the depth of joy as we brought these new little beings home with us and studied every one of their tiny bits.  These were the first lessons in better understanding the miracle of life and in understanding love.  Joy is present as I watch them accomplish new feats and connect the dots between ideas. 

Joy hovers close as they sneak into bed with us early in the morning and again (but more quietly) tell us, 
"Quack! Quack!"  

I am forever grateful for not only the opportunity to be a mama, but also for all that it is teaching me.  Thank you, God, for my sweet boys.  

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