Nov 19, 2014


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Around here:

I've had a clean desktop for almost two weeks.  I've even been using my desk space to blog and work on small projects.  Usually, my desk space is covered in scrapbooking bits and pieces and pretty much unusable, so this is a big deal.  

The rest of our house is another story.  Toys.  Toys.  Toys.  

I am thankful for Amazon and the UPS guy.  I've been putting them both to good use and my Christmas shopping is almost done.  (Yes, this means MORE toys are coming into our house.)  Also, all of the Amazon boxes make for fun places for little boys to play.  

We've been eating a lot of soup and a lot of cornbread.  Two of my faves and perfect with the cold weather.

We've been celebrating my mama's birthday from afar and are anxious to celebrate with her next week!  

Our IKEA unicorn puppet has been getting a serious workout these past few weeks.  He reads books.  He tickles.  He likes to eat the toy food.  He does most everything a mom does, but better.  Everything is more fun when the unicorn is involved.

I'm having second thoughts about my 2015 One Little Word.  Perhaps my announcement was a bit premature.  
I have a lot of projects that are half done and it is making me a little nutty.  I'm ready to get some of these things crossed off my list, but having trouble finding / making time to make that happen.  

Most of our holiday decorations are up, but it doesn't really feel Christmas-y to me without the tree.  We will go get one sometime after Thanksgiving and I am looking forward to that awesome Christmas tree smell.  

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