Nov 24, 2014


Advent calendar using project life journaling cards

I have been looking forward to creating an Advent calendar ever since I became a mama, but the whole concept of Christmas was pretty far out of Sam's grasp the past few years.  This year, things will be different.  He is really paying attention to everything going on around him and is starting to assimilate the information that he is taking in.  

So, this is the year for our family's first Advent calendar.  

I have seen so many pretty Advent calendars show up in my Pinterest feed over the last month.  Although I was anxious to make one of my own, I didn't know exactly what I was going to do until a flash of inspiration hit me last Thursday.  

We had an IKEA SPONTAN magnetic board in our basement just waiting to find a home and I have gobs of Project Life cards in my scrapbook pile.  I brought the two together (plus some printer ink and magnets) and our Advent calendar was born.    

The journaling cards are a mixture of patterns in pink, yellow, blue, black and white from Sunshine and Midnight kits plus several We R Memory Keepers Captured Cardstock Cards.  

Christmas entry foyer peace advent modern

I arranged and rearranged the cards on the board until I came up with a color scheme and order that felt nice and balanced.  Then, I made a 3x4 jpeg file for each number.  I imported the jpegs into a Word document, four at a time and hit "print."  I used washi tape to affix the cards to the paper, in approximately the right place and ran the cardstock through the printer one more time.  

Bright and modern advent calendar using project life cards
Modern advent and nativity project life

Each day, we will move the big magnet (shown on the bottom of the magnet board) to cover that day's number. 

Beyond that, I haven't figured out exactly how we will celebrate each day.  Sam is really into the "Happy Birthday" song, cake and candles.  So, I think I will gear our Advent focus toward the celebration of Jesus' birthday on the 25th.  I also think consistency and repetition will be key.  

To note: the SPONTAN board that I used was purchased in 2010 or 2011 and has different dimensions than the one that is currently for sale on the IKEA website. 

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