Oct 29, 2014


Week in the life quick and simple witl ali edwards

We are joining the rest of the documenting world with our family's version of Week In The Life, this week.  

This post about recording the stories of our lives struck a chord with me.  So, that is what I am focusing on as I document this week.  Yes, we have routines and schedules.  Yes, we have lists of things to accomplish and things to get the next time we visit the store.  Yes, we take photos throughout our days.  

But, for this week, I'm focusing on writing down the stories.  I love the way my first page turned out and I'm looking forward to keeping up the story writing throughout this week.  

Ali edwards week in the life witl quick and simple stories text - grace and light

I always admire Project Life pages with lots of white space, but color always calls my name and I never end up with a lot of white on my pages.  So, I'm taking this opportunity to add some white pages into my Project Life album.  

I know that many are making separate albums for this week.  I will just be adding these pages into our family Project Life album.  I will share the full / final project next week.

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