Oct 30, 2014


Rhythm of our days

Our days have a slow and steady beat.  

There isn't a lot of "hurry up" and there are very few deadlines.  I always have a long list of projects that I want to work on, but only occasionally do I allow them to let me feel rushed.  

Brian looks at me like I am crazy when I tell him that (once again) we "just stayed home" for the day.   When he is home with the boys, they almost always go do something out of the house.  When I am in charge, we usually stay home two or three days of the week and go out the other days.  

I am a home body and could honestly stay home four or five days a week, but we usually need something from the store and I think it is good for the boys to spend some time out of the house.  Our usual haunts are the library - the "big" one or the "little" one, the zoo, the park and Target.  Every now and then we hit up the play area at the mall or visit the children's museum.  We play in our yard every day and go for short walks around the neighborhood several times a week.  

When Brian gets home from work, we often spend some time playing outside.  Dinner is usually followed by more play time, bath time and then getting the little guys ready for bed.  

This slow and steady rhythm is exactly what I was looking for in becoming a stay-at-home mama.  I longed for routine.  I wanted our evenings to be relaxed and full of family play time.

Attitudes happen.  Giant living room messes happen.  Life happens.  Every minute isn't a pretty picture.  But, the decrease in stress is real and I am loving every minute of it.     

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