Oct 7, 2014


Remembering time

I have started a new little evening ritual with Sam that I am really enjoying. 

Each evening, before bed, we have "remembering time."  Sometimes, we remember while he splashes in the tub, sometimes before we read and sometimes just before prayers and lights out. 

I start with the first moment I see him in the morning and verbally run through a list of all the things that we did during the day.  I've been leaving out the time outs and trying to use this as a time to focus on the good bits - pointing out when he was funny or kind and remembering the moments where we had fun together. 

He is pretty passive throughout my monologue, but gives me a smile here and there and is definitely paying attention.

So far, this has been a fun new way to bond with him and a way to teach him some new vocabulary about the things that he has experienced throughout the day.  It will be fun to see how it develops and evolves over time and if he will become a more active participant as his speech continues to improve. 

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