Oct 8, 2014


Book club

A few friends came over for our monthly book club tonight (Tuesday) and, as always, it was wonderful. 

We are not an "accepting new members" type of group.  (We have all known each other for at least ten years and some of us for closer to 30-35 years.)  We are also not very good at reading the chosen books.  (We all like to read, but our reading habits are pretty hit and miss and often just don't include the book club book.)  We almost never talk about the chosen books for more than three to five minutes.  (It is hard to have a good discussion when only one or two people have read the book.  Also, there are things like babies, kindergarten and pre-winter holes in yards to discuss.)  

None of those points would stand up well on a "selling features" list, but they are our truth.  And, the truth is, I love our club. 

I love that I have these women as part of my life and that we have scheduled times to spend together.  I love that they are moms too and that I can ask them for advice when I have a concern about my own children. 

After everyone left tonight, I was thinking how unknowingly blessed I was through my high school and college years.  During those years, I spent hours with my girlfriends every single day.  I have so many fun and fabulous memories and I know that I enjoyed our time together, but sometimes it is hard to appreciate what you have until it is gone. 

Thanks, friends, for another successful month of (not reading or talking about the book, but) getting together and sharing life with me. 

*photo taken in October 2005 on the night we decided that we needed to start a book club 

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