Oct 14, 2014


Capsule wardrobe project 333 fall and winter- grace and light

This is my third go-around for a capsule wardrobe. 

The particular program that was my initial inspiration for this project is called Project 333.  The idea is to have only 33 items in your closet for three months - roughly one "season" of the year. 

Despite the three month guideline, I have only managed to do a formal count and sort once per year for the past three years.  Part of that has been due to my changing sizes as I've been losing and gaining weight / changing shapes through pregnancies and postpartum life. 

Even without following the official guidelines, I have found this project to be incredibly helpful in my daily life.  It makes getting ready incredibly quick and easy.  It means that I love all of the clothes in my closet.  And, thanks to a bit of planning, it means that most everything in my closet goes with most everything else. 

Here's what they look like in the closet (minus my coat, which lives on the tree stand in the entryway):

Capsule wardrobe project 333 fall  winter - grace and light

I purchased five new items to fill in blank spots in my wardrobe and the rest of the items were already in my wardrobe.  I have a very casual lifestyle.  My daily "uniform" consists of jeans, a tshirt and a cardigan or jeans and a solid-colored long sleeve t.  We do attend church each weekend, but it isn't very formal and I feel comfortable wearing jeans and a sweater with an occasional  "dress up" day to include dress pants or a skirt. 

I plan to ask for one shirt (this one!) for Christmas, but otherwise don't have any intentions of changing up the list below.  If I do acquire any other new items I will follow the one-in, one-out rule. 

Here's the final line up:

1 Orange sweater
2 Black sweater
3 Cream/Tan sweater
4 Black long sleeve t
5 Blue long sleeve t
6 Aqua long sleeve t
7 Blue long sleeve t
8 Grey long sleeve t
9 Coral/cream stripe long sleeve t
10 Teal graphic t
11 Grey v neck t
12 Purple graphic t
13 Grey crew neck t
14 Black athletic zip up
15 Green/cream stripe cardigan
16 Fuschia cardigan
17 Navy cardigan
18 Yellow cardigan

19 Green jeans
20 Bootcut jeans
21 Skinny jeans (medium blue)
22 Skinny jeans (dark blue)
23 Dress pants
24 Houndstooth pencil skirt

25 Grey Roxy boat shoes
26 Pink Converse
27 Orange Merril tennies
28 Grey Mudd boots
29 Silver ballet flats

30 Burton coat
31 Grey/navy striped infinity scarf
32 Grey infinity scarf
33 Yellow/white patterned scarf
PS: My original limited wardobe inspiration came from Courtney Carver, but lately I have seen "capsule wardrobes" popping up all over the place. 

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