Oct 20, 2014


Bright on white kids room

Completing a "big boy room" for Sam was #79 on my goal list. Last Friday, I crossed it off!  I'm on a roll and it feels good.  

Truth be told, everything that is in his room has been there for the last six months.  I finally got it rearranged and organized and re-hung things on the wall.  And with those little fixes, I'm calling it complete.  

Home is where you are kids room
Paper garland modern kids room
Modern kids room colorful

He doesn't use a pillow or a blanket.  We've tried, but he seems good without them. 

The pile on his bed is usually a bit bigger than what it is in the photo - more stuffed animals and more "night-nights."  I also picked up the usual toy / book disaster before I took photos.

The rug is from IKEA and crazy affordable.  I made the circle art sometime around 2005.  My mother-in-law made the curtains when I was pregnant with Sam and reupholstered the little rocking chair about a year ago.  
The dresser is a hand me down from a cousin and the bookshelf is from IKEA.  

Colorful circle art childrens room modern
Leo little lion modern kids room

Sam cracks me up because - other than being enamored with the photo of himself and his cousins hanging on the wall - he didn't even seem to notice that all of his furniture had been moved.  

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