Oct 15, 2014


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Elijah's babyhood is passing by all too quickly.  He hit the seven month mark last week and is rolling slash worming himself all over the place these days.  I know these moments are both precious and fleeting.  I'm doing my best to both soak them in and record them.

Five ways I am documenting Eli's babyhood:

1. Photos, photos, photos.  Photography is definitely my go-to method for documenting everything in life and this is no exception.  As long as I have a camera close at hand, actually capturing a moment only requires a few seconds.  We have done a few DIY photo shoots, but most of Eli's baby photos are just snapshots from our everyday life. 

2. Weekly photo project.  This project is, essentially, an organized extension of my photography love.  I’ve written more details about it here.  I love this method of documenting because, again, it only takes a little bit of time (usually less than five minutes including his clothing change), but compiling all of the photos into a timeline ends up being a really cool way to see him grow and change.  

3. Monthly overviews.  On, or about, the 6th of each month, I write a bullet-point list of what’s going on in Eli’s life.  Items on the list include milestones, favorites, what size clothing his wearing and just a general run down of what he’s doing at that moment.  I print two copies and place one in his baby book and the other in our family Project Life album. 

4. Family Project Life album.  I complete approximately one Project Life layout per week, with both photos and journaling, to record all the little details of what's going on in our family.  This is where funny anecdotes and more of the "moments" of our lives get documented.  There is almost always something to write about Eli and often there is something about his interactions with Sam.  

Project life baby book modern

5. Baby book.  This project is in its very beginning stages.  I have the title page complete and have printed out his monthly overview lists and tucked those in the appropriate pages.  And that's it.  I plan to format this book with a few pages about my pregnancy and his birth, followed by two-page layouts each to include a month’s worth of favorite photos, his monthly “what’s going on in Eli’s life” overview and a bit of journaling.  To help me fill in any blanks, I can reference the family Project Life album.

One thing that I have on my related to-do list is to open an email account for Elijah.  This is something that I've done for Sam and I enjoy the ease of occasionally sending him "you did this" write-ups or quick emails with fun photos and videos. 

If you are looking for more ideas to document your baby, I wrote an ebook/resource list with 365 journaling prompts and project ideas for documenting the first year and it is available for only $7. 

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