Sep 18, 2014


SAHM staying home the first month
A story:
Sam crawled into Eli's crib, held onto one of the little red robot cutouts and jumped.  After a few hops, the bottom half of the robot remained in his chubby little hand while the top half was still attached to the mobile.  Sam spent time in the corner for climbing into Eli's crib. 
And, repeat.
At some point, he actually pulled the entire mobile from the ceiling and it landed in Eli's crib. 
A few of the robots remained intact.  One was placed in our family Project Life album and one in each of the boys' baby books.  That was the end of the little robot mobile that I bought while pregnant with Sam and happily suspended over both boys' cribs. 
Somehow, this one little incident and the end of this one little piece of their babyhoods brought me to tears and made me see how quickly time is passing.  Sam is no longer a baby.  Eli's babyhood is slipping by too quickly.  I often claim to have "two babies," but it won't be long and I will legitimately have two little boys.  And, time doesn't work backwards.  I won't get to do it again.  This is my one shot.
Being a part of more of their moments is the biggest reason that I wanted to be a stay at home mama.  I am thankful for the demise of the robots and the little wake up call it provided.
- - - - -
The biggest difference in our family life between now and a few months ago is that I feel like time is on my side.  Some days fly by and I accomplish little, but I relax in knowing that I can try again tomorrow.  I don't feel rushed or stressed to get in quality time with the boys or Brian because that's pretty much what we've got going on 24/7.
I'm not saying that I'm never stressed out.  Lack of sleep and the unpredictability of life with two littles insure that stress comes my way most every day.  But, it is a different kind of stress than I had when I only had a couple hours with the family in the evening and was also trying to fit all of the household chores into those hours.
Basically, daily life as a stay-at-home-mama is going as I anticipated. 
The time together without the stress of a work schedule and daycare drop-offs is wonderful.   Our house is still a disaster, but little corners have been cleaned out and reorganized.   I am keeping up with laundry in dishes in a new-to-us way that is pretty nice.  I am trying to take on more of the household responsibilities and necessities so that Brian can focus on his own work and so that we can have more (and more relaxed) time together as a family.
As I may have mentioned before, I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and this new role.  Life is good.  God is good.  I am blessed. 

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