Sep 30, 2014


Build one little word 2014

The real story of my word, right now:

The real story is that I am building.  Sometimes it doesn't feel like I am because the results are not always tangible.  Sometimes it doesn't feel like I am because the results aren't always track-able and often show up weeks or months down the road.  Some days I make progress.  Other days I don't.  But, overall, I am building this life of mine.

Each hour spent reading to the boys, each email or text sent to a friend, each lunch packed for Brian, each dollar saved instead of spent, each published blog post is a step in the right direction.  And I am doing those things.

I am building up.  Into a life that more closely fits my daydreams.  

I am building deep.  Into a life that is richer and more fulfilling.  Into a life that is better connected - not just with more people, but with better relationships.  

There is more that could be done.  So much more.  But when I look back at where I was nine months ago and compare it to today, I can see that all these little steps have built something bigger than their sum total. 

And so I continue.

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