Sep 24, 2014


30 lists september 2014 #30lists - grace and light

I am almost to the end of my listing challenge and am totally digging this project.

My goals for the 30 Days of Lists included: having fun, learning a bit more about myself, connecting with other list makers, considering topics that I otherwise don't spend a lot of time thinking about, making happy pages and completing my pages without spending any moo-la. 

30 days of lists - favorite podcasts

Before the challenge began, I underestimated the networking and connection side of this project.  The #30Lists hashtag is making its way around the web.  It is fun to see how different people complete the same challenge with such varying lists and a diversity of documenting methods.  I have found several new people to follow on Instagram and have really enjoyed comparing and contrasting my lists to other participants in this challenge.  I have been amazed at both the similarities and differences between my lists and those written by others. 

30 days of lists - i feel coziest when
30 days of lists - rules for traveling with me

I am using pages from an 8.5 x 11 lined journal, a couple magazines, a glue stick, scissors, a fat Sharpie and a pen to create my pages.  Other than the use of color, these pages feel like a pretty big divergence from my usual documenting style.  While I like the straight lines of my Project Life pages, completing these lists in a more free-form style has been good for my creativity.  It is nice to work on a different kind of project and use some new materials. 

30 days of lists - reasons to document

Before September 1, I created all of the titles for my lists and imagined quiet time in the mornings ahead where I would sit down to write out my list for the given day.  Well, quiet mornings with time to write lists are not often found around here.  Instead, I often worked on two or three lists at a time - as I found time throughout the week and just posted them to Instagram on the appropriate day (or a day or two late). 

This has been a really fun project and I look forward to joining the #30Lists group again next March! 

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