Sep 10, 2014


A call for sleep

dearest elijah and samuel, 
i love you.  i love spending my days, and even bits of the middle of the night, with you. 

that being said, i need you to work on sleeping more.  mama needs some time.  some time at night to sleep.  some time during the day to clear her brain (and also to clear the growing piles on the kitchen counters). 

littlest one,
i love snuggling and nursing you.  do you remember, a month or so ago, when you used to sleep all night long?  mama was a fan of that plan.  we still had plenty of snuggling time, but we held our meetings during daylight hours and mama was able to truly enjoy them because she was (sort of) rested.  let's try doing that again. 

bigger fella,
you need to nap.  even just an hour does you wonders.  when you don't nap, things start to unravel.  not only our mess of a house, but also mama's ability to tolerate life and your own ability to function as a normal toddler.  (okay, normal and toddler don't really belong in the same phrase.  i'll admit that.)  i love "playing animals" and reading lion king and going to the park / zoo / library with you.  i love just toodling around the house with you as my sidekick.  those truths no longer hold true when you haven't napped.  i hate to say it, but you kind of turn into a little monster and mama doesn't know how to handle it. 

dear boys,
when these two issues combine into one very long day that leads into one very long week, your mama has difficulty being the kind of mama she wants to be.  did you notice that i just called this a "very long week" and as i write this it is before five am on a wednesday.  this is not a good sign.  (and, just in case you are wondering why i am writing you a letter at 4:28 in the morning - it is because this is the only time i can find  by myself. yesterday, i set my alarm for five.  that didn't work.  you were awake fifteen minutes later.)

in closing, and to sum this all up.  sleep.  please.  mama is begging you. 

all my love,
your (sleep-deprived and stressed out) mama (who loves you very much)

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