Aug 25, 2014


Daily checklist sahm
A month ago, I felt like I was being pulled in too many directions.  Every area of my life felt like it was lagging a bit behind a general level of "okay" and far behind an A grade. 
Take out full time employment and add in a daily checklist and things are starting to improve in my little world. 
I have an abundance of organizational ideas and plans swimming around my brain with hopes of future implementation.  But, for now, my life is coming together with one tool: a daily checklist. 
My list:
  • is doable, but requires effort and time to complete.  A checklist of more tasks than I could reasonably accomplish in a day would leave me feeling that I failed.  Every day.  That doesn't sound like a recipe for success.  A checklist that I could knock off in an hour wouldn't be much of a challenge and would likely mean that I wasn't getting a lot done in a day.  It's all about finding that happy medium.
  • includes a few specific tasks as well as several items that are open to interpretation.  A cookie cutter list would only work on the random day when the specific items on the list needed to be done.
  • includes Brian, Sam and Eli.  They're my people.  Doing something with and for each of them, each day means I am doing my job. 
  • includes self-care.  Keeping me happy and healthy is important, too.
  • has only three fill-in-the-blank lines.  This prevents me from over scheduling my days and helps me to prioritize my extra to-do items.
Daily checklist sahm 1
I want to use these first few months of being a stay-at-home mom as a jumping off point for some good habits.  It is much easier for me to start something new when I feel like there has been a clean break in my world. 
Creating this checklist and working through it each day equal good habit number one.  And each day it is helping me baby step toward a house, a schedule, a budget and a set of priorities with less frazzle and more intention. 
And - clearly - pink highlighters make everything more fun.

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