Aug 14, 2014


Hashtag project - sahm - grace and light
For the past week, I have been labeling one Instagram photo each day with the hashtag #brookestayshome.  I plan to do this daily for the foreseeable future.  Instagram floats my boat for a thousand different reasons and I am excited to put it to use in a new way.
My goal is to use this hashtag and daily sharing as a way to visually celebrate this new phase of my life.  I want to continually remind myself of the blessing of this opportunity.  I also hope to keep reality in perspective and share not just the good bits, but also some of the hard things that come along with spending my hours with two tiny people. 
I'm always up for a new way to document our family and I think it is pretty awesome that a year from now I will be able to click on my hashtag and get a quick glimpse of our day to day lives at home.
Obviously, any moment from here on out could technically "fit" under the hashtag.  I haven't thought out any hard and fast guidelines for which photos to include, but the general plan is to only use this hashtag for photos revolving around Sam and Eli and my time with them while Brian is at work.  It is a work in (the infant stages of) progress, so we will see where it leads. 

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