Aug 11, 2014


Sahm - first day as stay at home mom
I made it!  My big, big goal of staying home with my boys is here.
My last day of full-time work was last Tuesday, although I am staying on in a very-part-time capacity. 
This is Brian's first week back to school, so I am calling this "day one of week one" of this new, big staying home adventure.
I don't really know what to expect in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.  I do know that I am where I have been lead to be.  And with that, I am certain that God has much more in store for me than I can know or imagine from my current vantage point. 
I realize this won't be a cakewalk.  The days will not be paved with rainbows.  On most days, this job will not come with praise or gratitude for my efforts or accomplishments.  I think I can be okay with that.  I think I can keep the bigger picture in mind.
For now, I am thankful (and also a bit amazed) that we have reached this goal and that I have this opportunity.  And, to be frank, I am still trying to comprehend the vast space that feels like it has opened itself in front of me. 
On this first day, I am looking forward with heaps of hope.  I'm also raising my figurative glass to the past three years of work that we have put into making today possible.  Cheers! 

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