Aug 21, 2014


A letter from the future
September 2015
Dear brooke,
Congratulations on a successful first year as a stay at home mama.
As the year progressed, I watched you relax into your new role and the new routines that came with it.  It is evident that you take pride in the choice you made and that you are soaking in the minutes that add up to this awesome opportunity you've been given.
This year, you have started to learn what it means to serve your family in this season.  You have successfully achieved a balance between getting things done and just slowing down to enjoy the hours and the days.  You managed to leave the house (in something other than workout clothes) every week (and most days) of the year.
You have learned that you need to find (and make) little pockets of time for yourself. You have learned that you need to reach out to old friends and also make some new ones.  And you took the initiative to do so.  You have made time for both writing and creating. You have contributed to the family budget by meeting your income goal for the year. 
You set some basic priorities at the beginning of the year: meaningful quality time with each of your menfolk, Bible and prayer time, teaching your little ones about Jesus, living within your budget, making time for yourself.  You are succeeding in each of these areas and your daily living is better for it. 
You are now one year into this journey and I know that you are excited to start the next. 
I am proud of you. 
P.S. Brian really appreciated the couple hundred times that you packed his lunch for him this year.  It was pretty awesome that you did so with a happy spirit. 
Thanks to The Art of Possibility, care of Chris Guillebeau for inspiring this post.

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