Jul 3, 2014



Before Eli was born, I decided to give myself six weeks off from blogging after his birth.  I didn't want to feel pressured to create, edit and write while I was still adjusting to a new phase of life.  I also didn't want blogging to take over time that should be spent focusing on my new little guy and his big brother.

The six weeks passed and I enthusiastically jumped back into the blogging game.  The boys still needed me, of course, but I was also ready to give myself a bit of my own time.  Blogging - and the associated creating, editing and writing - equals enjoyable and fulfilling "me time" in my book. 

I remember feeling really proud of myself, a few weeks later, when I was successfully keeping up with my mama and wife duties along with sharing here at grace and light.  I thought that part - the part with Eli still being so little - was the tough part and I was surprised that it all pulled together pretty organically.  It didn't always come easily, but I took on the challenging days with my competitive nature and happily kept things going. 

Well, my friends, I was wrong.  The tough part is now.

I've been struggling to post even a few times per week.  I have a lot to say and not enough time in which to say it.  I could carve out the time, but it would mean fewer (of the already too rare) moments would be spent with my little guys.  And time with them is the point of it all in this season of life. 

My full-time employment is coming to an end in just over a month.  I've decided to cut myself some slack between now and then.  Starting August 11, I will be back with something to share each Monday through Friday.  Until then, I will just be popping in as I have time. 

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