Jun 18, 2014



Summer bucket lists have been popping up all over my Bloglovin’ and Pinterest feeds.  I’ll admit that I’ve been tempted to make one of my own, but I’ve made a conscious decision not to.

I feel like I’ve barely been keeping my head above water these past few weeks.  Working full time, attempting to keep our house in running order, nursing a baby around the clock, spending time with Brian and both boys and trying to keep up with my writing here are starting to add up to a bit more than I can handle. 

And so, this is not a summer bucket list.

I’ve written them in the past.  I’ve enjoyed them.  They have their place.  But in this brief season, a list (even one composed of 100% fun activities) would only add stress. 

Still, I don't want the summer to pass by without appreciating the joys of this season.  (Read: warmth, time outside, time while Brian is home, time while these boys are this age.) 

Instead of writing a list, we have cleared our mornings for adventures big and small.  Sam usually naps pretty well in the afternoons, so we try to go out and do something fun in between breakfast and lunch.  Our standbys are the zoo, story time at the library and the park.  We've also played at the playspace at the mall and stayed home to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or just spent the morning in our own yard.  Often, we throw together a picnic lunch before we head out the door.

I love lists and am already creating one for this fall.  But, for now, I am enjoying the freedom of waking up each (non-working) day to very few plans and morning trips around town.

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