Jun 10, 2014



I have a friend that has agreed to be my blogging/business buddy. 

We made this agreement a couple months ago, with the idea of writing to one another when we were stuck.  I would write to her if I needed help moving forward on a project.  I would write to her with a half-plan that needed a bit of feedback.  I would write to her when I needed another perspective.  I would write to her for input or to give her two differing ideas to see if one seemed like the “right choice” to her.  And, of course, she would write to me with the same types of concerns. 

We have indeed written to one another.  We have offered each other opinions on a few small matters. 

But the majority of the emails I have written to her have not been sent.

What happens instead is that as I explain my dilemma and the available decisions that I see regarding the situation, I write out my own solution. 

I don’t think this would necessarily happen if we were having a verbal conversation.  I am less articulate in my speech than in my writing.  Writing allows me time to think about the best way to explain a situation.  It also allows me to edit and to edit my edits until things are written out as plainly as I can make them.  Once the ideas and options are out of my spinning head and in black and white in front of me, the path forward is almost always obvious.

So, Miss Natalie, thank you.  Our buddy system is serving me well.

(And, if you’re stuck, might I recommend writing it all down as if explaining it to a friend?)

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