Jun 4, 2014


Photoaday 1

Throughout the month of May, I participated in a "photo a day challenge" on Instagram.  Each day, I shared my interpretation of the given prompt for the day and added the group hashtag to my post.  The photos above were my interpretations of the prompts Grey, Horizontal and On Repeat. 

I really enjoyed this project.  I am a frequent Instagrammer anyway and doing the challenge helped me to scope out some photos that I might have otherwise missed.  It prompted me to look at my daily activities and everyday surroundings from a slightly different perspective and I really appreciated that. 

Photoaday 2

Prompts: Best, Flowers, View

A few of May's "photo a day" photos have been added to our Project Life album.  Several of them have not.  I think I may use my favorites in an end-of-month insert (using this photo pocket sleeve).  I have also considered making a Chatbook with two months of "photo a day" photos.

In May, I followed along with the #brphotoaday group.  For June, I am doing #fmsphotoaday.  Only a few days into June I already think that it has been fun to be connected to a new group of "photo a day-ers" and to see little bits of their worlds.  I will probably find yet another group for July.  

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