Jun 30, 2014


One little word 2014 may and june - grace and light 1

Six months into our relationship, build and I have a lot of irons in the fire.  We are working on a lot of varying projects, goals and dreams.  We are celebrating small successes. 

After six months together I know that "build" was the right word for me for this year. 

In January, I wrote a list of intentions related to my word.  While there are many facets to most of the things that I hoped to build upon, the list can be boiled down to seven areas of intention. 
  • Building a new normal as a stay-at-home-mama
  • Building positive routines and memories with/for Sam and Eli
  • Building my grace and light platform
  • Building income and income streams
  • Building friendships
  • Building a physically healthier version of myself
  • Building an emotionally/spiritually healthier version of myself
The prompts/assignments from the One Little Word class for May and June encouraged me to do a status check-in, helped me look at the "big picture" lessons that I've taken away from this year and helped me to narrow my focus down to three major goals to accomplish before the end of this calendar year. 

So, where do I stand? 
I have made progress with each of my areas of intention.  I have built, rebuilt or in some way refurbished my life in at least one little way as it relates to each of these areas.  And, because my word is "build" and not "complete," I could technically say that I have accomplished all that I need to accomplish for the year. 

But, of course, I hope to build more in the second half of the year. 

What have I learned?
I have learned a lot.  About myself, about turning my dreams into realities, about improving where I already stand.  But the three big takeaway lessons thus far are:
  • consistent effort pays off / little actions add up to big changes
  • when I put myself "out there" it pays off
  • (even tiny) successes really boost my motivation
And where do I want to be at the end of 2014?
I want to be right here - living, creating, sharing and selling from my living room.  I want to make progress on all areas of intention that I listed above and I will.  But the three things that I really want to accomplish in 2014 are:
  • reaching my goal weight (and/or being happy with my body again)
  • painting
  • completing/selling resources to help others start and maintain a 101 goals/1001 days project
My word is serving me well and I am working hard to do it justice.  I am anxious to see how far we can go together in the next six months. 

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