Jun 25, 2014



I am delighting in today. 

Today when I am home with Brian and our boys.  Today when I know that I have to work the next two days.  Today when the weather is warm.  Today when Sam is saying a new word every few hours.  Today when Eli will rest quite contentedly on the floor and spend his time watching us move around him.

I am focusing on one thing at a time.  I even managed to enjoy picking up the house, reminding myself how relaxed I would feel once the work was done.  I am actively choosing to focus on the good and to ignore the stress.  I am pretending, for today, that those other days (the ones where I am stressed and forget to enjoy all of the good) don't exist. 

I am saying prayers of gratitude.  For all of it.  Because I am richly blessed. 

I spent some time snuggling, some time nursing, some time tickling, some time chasing around the zoo, some time making breakfast and lunch.  I spent time drinking iced tea and cleaning the floor.  I spent time talking to my mama and reading a lot of books.  I spent a few moments dancing and a lot of moments smiling. 

I feel like I am in my right place. 

I feel peace.  I feel joy.

I delight.

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