May 5, 2014


Baby weekly photo project - grace and light
Eli and I are eight weeks into his weekly photo project and having a grand ol' time documenting his changing little being.

I did something very similar with Sam and also suggest this project as a way of documenting your little one's babyhood in my ebook "Document Baby 365." 

To  make it happen, I simply change Eli into a white onesie, place him on the blanket in whichever room has the best light and snap away.  I generally take between five and fifteen photos just so I have a variety of facial expressions to choose from.  The whole process takes less than five minutes - including changing his outfit. 

Week 2 - weekly photo project

Not every photo works out.  His flailing arms and legs are often blurred.  He cries. And, sometimes I crop his upper half right out of the photo. 

Week 7 - weekly photo project

Instead of including weekly photos in each week's Project Life page, I will just add them on occasion and add in a collage type print (like the top photo) every few months.  One photo from each week will be added to Eli's baby book, but I haven't got started on that project yet, so I'm not sure how that will look. 


Since this is my second go-around with this kind of project, I can already tell you the very best part of doing this: memory making.  The photos are wonderful and will be treasured forever, but the memory of the routine is what sticks.  Doing this week-in and week-out for 52 weeks adds up to a lot of little moments of me with my babe (while he is still actually a babe).  Good, quiet, content, at-home, us-together type moments.  I love that.

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