Apr 30, 2014


One little word - build

Last December, I chose my word for 2014.  It seemed like a small thing to do.  A drop in the bucket.  Five months later, the ripples are still working their way out and I literally think about my word every single day. 
I have made it MY word.  It has become a sort of filter as I consider my plans and actions for a week a day or even the hour where the boys' nap times overlap. 

The March OLW assignment from Ali was to create a vision board for your word.  April included two homework projects - creating a photo collage and choosing something to release to help you move forward with your word.
Photography and imagery related projects are usually my jam.  For some reason, though, I felt completely uninspired to complete these homework assignments.  I did the March homework, but don't love the way it turned out.  For April, I just decided to skip out on the photography assignment altogether.

I've been contemplating my lack of motivation/inspiration for these assignments and here's what I've come up with:  My One Little Word project is solidly lodged in my brain as a combination of thoughts, words and actions.  It feels like a place to take a break from all of the visual creating that I am used to and instead focus on the ideas, the words and the doing. 

Build 1

Throughout the year, there has been opportunity to "prettify" my OLW album, but I have resisted and taken joy in the white pages with black writing/text

I continued that theme with the April homework that I did complete.  I journaled a bit on releasing negative self talk.  It is something that I don't usually struggle with, but that has felt more prevalent these past few months.  I need to work on this in order to move forward in building the life that I desire.  

One step, one assignment, one project at a time - my One Little Word continues to move me toward better and better things.  I am thankful.

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