Apr 15, 2014



I have so appreciated the last five weeks. Time to concentrate on loving my boys is paramount to all else. 
It has been a time of transition, for sure.  But, our new little family of four is making it.  Day by day.

Taking a break from blogging was a necessity as we spent the first few weeks in utter survival mode.  Slowly, slowly I am back to feeling more like my regular self.  The surgery and recovery took a pretty big toll on my body.  Five weeks out, the physical difficulties are largely past and those that remain are due more to lack of sleep than post-surgical recovery.  

Oh, the lack of sleep.  I know that some people can function quite well on little sleep.  I am not one of them.  It has been rough.  I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to our parents and sisters for helping us out these past several weeks.  I don't think we could've made it through without them. 

Unlike my last maternity leave,this time I found myself quickly ready to reengage in the world outside my living room. I have been enjoying keeping up with social media and have been anxious to get back to all of my various projects.  Not to say that I haven't been enjoying my Eli time, but just that the mental transition was much easier this time around. For that, I am grateful.

And though I have been anxious to get back to all of my "me" projects, finding any time to actually do them has proven very difficult.  As it turns out, newborns and two year old's demand a lot of attention.  Who knew? 
Despite all of this, I am back.  Or maybe, because of all of this, I am back.  I am back and I am full of dreams and schemes both old and new.  It is time to push through the million and one barriers and (more often) excuses and get moving again. 

Thanks for sticking with me and please forgive any hiccups in the next several weeks as I work my way into the world, once more. 

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