Apr 28, 2014

ME 34.0

34th birthday
I turned 34 last week.  For me, birthdays are a lot like Januarys.  Times to regroup and start anew.
The big "in the works" project for this year is becoming a stay-at-home mama.  While that is huge and something I'm incredibly excited about, it is still a few months away and doesn't feel quite real yet.
For now, I'm sticking with my theme for the year.  A version upgrade.  Me: 34.0. I want to put new energy into everything that I already have going.  I want to build on where I am.
So, where am I?  I am poised to experience my fourth year of marriage with my Brian.  I am a mama to an infant and a two year old.  I am crafting, writing, curating and generally blogging my free time away.  I am (slowly) working to make my body feel more like my own again.  I am daydreaming about future projects and plans - both business and personal.  I want to embrace these things and do them with heart. 
I want to push further and push harder.  I want to take my still-in-their-infancy ideas and projects and run with them.  I want to look back, a year from now, and know that I've enjoyed my time with my boys and been as "present" as possible in our moments together.  I also want to see that I've created more and said "yes" to more.
Thirty-four, let's be good to one another. 

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