Apr 24, 2014


Black and white birth announcement - modern - elijahJust as I did for Sam, I DIY'd the design of Eli's birth announcements.  I spent a bit of time looking through the never-ending inspiration of Pinterest and then just went for it. 

The photographs were taken on two different days, so the lighting and coloring among the three photos didn't quite mesh.  Once I converted them to black and white, they looked quite nice together and it was easy to see that a black and white color scheme was the way to go for the rest of the announcement, too. 

I sized the image to 4x6 and used a coupon code for 100 free prints from Shutterfly (kindly gifted by my sweet friend Melanie) to have the announcements printed. 

Thank you rubber stamp triangles

With many, although not all, of the announcements I also included a short hand-written note.  For these, I used a 3x4 Project Life Grid Card, a stamp of my own design and a pretty paper clip to attach the two. (I wrote the notes on the reverse side.)

Hello arrow rubber stamp

I'm not sure what went wrong, but when I had the photos printed, the design got pushed off center a bit, resulting in cut-off text along the right side.  Generally, when I do big projects like this, I order my prints through Walmart and only print one as a "tester" before printing the rest of the batch.  Since I was ordering this set through Shutterfly and didn't want to pay for shipping twice, I just went for it.  Obviously, a tester would have been helpful, in this case. 

Oh, well.  Although I find the misalignment endlessly annoying, I decided to just go with it, rather than reprint the announcements.  In any case, I am pretty sure that the misalignment bothers me much more than any of the announcement recipients.

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