Mar 9, 2014


Eli 06 450
I am honored to introduce to the world, Mr. Elijah August Petermann.
He is absolutely beautiful.  I could stare at him all dayr
I feel beyond blessed.  To have a new little man to call my own.  To get to spend countless hours snuggling with him.  To be married to my best friend who also happens to be an awesome daddy.  To have wonderful family and friends to care for us and spoil us with love.  To have two healthy boys.  To have the pleasure of watching them grow into their new roles as brothers.  To have had wonderful care at the hospital.  And to now be headed home.   To get the chance to be a new mama all over again. 
My recovery is progressing.  The first day was kind of terrible.  Thankfully, the pain seems to have turned a corner and I feel like I am now moving in the right direction. 
We are headed home in the next few hours.  I am ready to start working toward a new definition of normal.  I am anxious to see how Eli will fit into our world.  I am ready for the Sam snuggles and silliness that I have been missing these past few days.  We are now officially a family of four and I can't wait to experience all that that will be. 
Eli 03 450

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