Mar 4, 2014


Maternity leave

Our second little bundle of joy is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. 

I will be back with a “He’s Here!” post and I have a nursery tour post scheduled for the end of next week.  After that, I plan to take a blogging break for most of the next five weeks.  I will officially return on April 14th, but may (or may not) be popping in a few times between now and then. 

Although I will not be doing regular posts here, I will definitely be sharing bits of life on Instagram and I would love to stay connected with you there.  My username is @brooke_petermann

I anticipate coming back from this blogging break with new energy as well as new schemes and dreams.  I know that I will be a tired mama with two little people’s sleep schedules to work (and sleep) around, but I’m guessing that I’ll also be ready to share my thoughts anew.  This space is my creative outlet and I’m pretty sure that a five week break will leave me itching to get my creative mojo flowing again. 
Many, many(!) thanks to all of you for sharing this journey with me. 

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