Mar 27, 2014


Eli - the small things

I've written a couple other blog posts with this same title.  Both were focused on the small things making my life better. 

Really, today is no different. 

A few of the small things that are currently making life wonderful:

Little lips.  A little nose. Tiny, irregular breaths.  Itty-bitty toes.  Baby wrinkles.  Almost non-existent eyebrows.  And all of the bits that make up my sweet Eli. 

Sticky fingers.  Bright blue eyes.  Wet kisses.  Obsessive interest in the letters of the alphabet.  Pudgy little toddler feet.  One (and only one) freckle on a right temple.  And all of the bits that make up my sweet Samuel. 

In between each moment of exhaustion and each pang of not-quite-back-to-my-normal-self pain, I am loving these little boys and recognizing my blessings. 

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