Feb 21, 2014


2 years sam 1

Yesterday was our Sam's 2nd birthday.  We celebrated with Mickey and Elmo balloons, a few presents, cupcakes and an extra trip to Story Time at the library. 

At Christmas, he could have cared less about opening gifts.  Yesterday, he was interested and even excited about a few of them.  I guess two months make a big difference. 

2 years sam

At two years old, Sam:
  • is such a little love bug.  He loves to snuggle and hug and sit close/on top of you.
  • is a bit of a mama’s boy.
  • loves music.  He knows how to turn on his cd player and change the cds.  He also likes to play music on our phones and dance around the house.  Dancing with his cousins is definitely one of his favorite things to do. 
  • loves books.  We read a lot throughout the day and he will often pick up a book to “read” to himself during quiet play times.
  •  generally sleeps from about 8pm to 6am.  His morning wakeup times seem to change every few weeks.  He will sometimes wake up at 4:30-5am for a week or two and then switch back to six and then (occasionally) make it to closer to seven. 
  • naps for one to three hours each afternoon.
  •  loves the library in general and Story Time with Miss Sue in particular.  We usually attend once each week.  This is birthday week, so we are going twice!  After Story Time, Sam likes to take a little tour around the library – walking the perimeter and just checking things out.  He also likes the kid computers, the puzzles and the abundance of Curious George books. 
  • loves tickle-time and chase-around-the-house-time with daddy.
  • knows most of his colors and a few numbers and letters.
  •  is, I fear, in for a big surprise when a baby shows up at our house two weeks from now.
  •  loves his sensory table, “farm on a string” and color puzzle.  He also spends quite a bit of time cooking up French Fries in his play kitchen. 
  • thinks it is pretty cool to play in our cars, while they are parked in the garage.  He likes to push all the buttons and wear Brian’s sunglasses.
  •  likes to explore our yard, color with sidewalk chalk, visit the dog statue that lives several doors up the street from us, play with/climb through Mabel’s doggy door, and have us blow bubbles for him. 
  • is good buddies with Mabel.  He thinks she is pretty funny and he likes to help feed her and give her treats.  He is particularly thrilled when she gets to go for car rides with us.  
  •  loves playing with our iPhones and is pretty darn good at using them.
  • also likes to play with our computers.  He is not so good at using those.
  • thinks his cousins are pretty cool.
  • is loved.

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