Feb 19, 2014


Office 3
We ordered our desk (the Linnmon/Alex combo) in late December, along with a bunch of other IKEA goods.  Everything else arrived before Christmas, but our desk was out of stock. 
We waited.  Perhaps a bit anxiously, on my part.
Last Friday, I received an email to inform me that our desk was in.  Brian picked it up that night and on Saturday morning we put it all together. 

Our pre-this-desk office had zilch for storage space.  Those two sets of drawers are rockin' my world.  Also, I've never had a set place to blog.  I would just move my laptop with me from place to place around the house.  A dedicated space is pretty nice. 


I invested in some pretty word art to go along with my One Little Word for 2014.  The designs are by Belinda of Poppy Loves to Groove and I printed them as 12x12 photos through Persnickety Prints. 

I'm really looking forward to having and using this space that can be dedicated to all my projects.  

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