Feb 26, 2014


Journaling prompts baby ebook
In preparation for the new little guy’s arrival, I did a bit of brainstorming to come up with a plan for improving my memory preservation skills.  I am happy enough with my photography skills and love Sam's completed baby book.  But, as I mentioned in the baby book post, I wish that I had done more in-depth journal writing while he was still a new little guy. 
I have always been able to write best when my writing was triggered by a prompt.  It gives me a topic to work with and helps me to keep my writing focused.  And so, a list of writing prompts – all focused on baby’s first year – was born.  (Pun intended.)
I ended up creating a huge list of more than 400 prompts.  This is a one-stop resource for anyone looking for prompts to help record their baby’s life – be it via blog post, journal entry, scrapbook, keepsake box or any other method. The document starts with a few suggestions and ideas for methods of documenting your baby’s first year and then jumps right into a categorized list of topics to consider. 
Documenting Baby 365 is available through my etsy shop and can be downloaded immediately following purchase. 
You could print out the document and gift it to a new or expectant mama along with a blank journal, scrapbook or keepsake box.  I will be working from this list as I write about Baby P and I will definitely be gifting the list (plus a journal or keepsake box) to new-mama friends in the future. 

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